Welcome to Tableau Version 10

Tableau is known for ease of use and speed to insight, allowing business customers to take the data they know best and identify both opportunities and threats.  Now with Version 10, Tableau carries this over to IT by adding new enterprise features that returns data governance and oversight back to IT while adding in a number of key features for business users.

1.  Cross-database joins. 
Tableau currently has over 50 native data connectors and now you can join data from multiple different sources at once using a simple point-and-click interface to create a single joined data source for your worksheet.
2.  New Enterprise Management features.
Improved authentication tools, license administration and application upgrade tools are all reasons why your IT department will appreciate Version 10.
3.  Custom Territories.
Do your sales regions not align with traditional geographical areas?  Now you can build your own custom territories with a point and a drag to easily group data to be relevant to you.
4.  Improved mobile functionality.
Tableau has built a new Tableau Reader for Android and has developed a Device Designer to allow you to optimize your dashboards for mobile consumption.

CTR Specializations

Data Warehouse Design
CTR has certified experts to help you design and implement your data warehouse solution.  Whether you elect to use on-premise hardware or move to the cloud we can aid you in making your project a success.

Tableau Dashboard Development
If you want early ROI on your Tableau program CTR can help by building the dashboards you need to be effective.

Tableau Training
Accelerate your Tableau adoption when CTR trains your team on Tableau functionality and dashboard best practices when designing visualizations for your industry.

Enterprise Management
Our Tableau experts can show you how best to implement and configure your application as well as help with performance tuning of your infrastructure.