Superior Performance for Business Success

Below is the third and final article on our series covering Cloud ERP.

As per Wikipedia, a best practice is a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark.

Midsize companies can achieve consistently superior results when they adopt business best practices. These practices are nothing but steps or actions that need to be taken consistently to achieve better than the benchmark results and exceed goals.

For example, when a flag on a KPI indicator dashboard turns red, steps are taken to identify the problem. It is shared internally and securely with the team responsible for looking into that KPI and steps are taken to rectify the issue. An audit trail keeps track of all the changes made and the transparency within that circle is secured. These are the standard best practices provided by Oracle ERP Cloud Solutions.

While the templates provided by Oracle ERP Cloud Solutions are standard, they can be highly customized to suit the company’s business needs. Oracle ERP Cloud Applications are the best fit for companies who want to maintain their competitive/unique value proposition but at the same time move to the excellence in benchmarks, also known as the standard best practice in the industry.

What makes Oracle the choice?  – These need to be expanded upon.

  • Breadth of Product Offering
  • Depth within each Flow (Procure to Pay, Order to Cash)
  • Ease of Use

In order to implement these solutions, choose a partner that,

  • Is an Oracle Certified Partner
  • Understands your business needs, specific to your industry
  • Can personalize the processes to take advantages of the nuances of your business
  • Has deep product knowledge in terms of what is the latest in the industry
  • Adopts best practices
  • Has the right credentials

Oracle cloud solutions are the perfect fit for single country, single location mid-size company to a multi-national corporation with multiple locations across the globe.

We at Computer Technology Resources are certified Oracle experts and can provide you a no-obligation consultation on Cloud ERP solution that would work for your business. Please contact Dick Kenny at 714-912-9719 or email