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Create an Immersive and Limitlessly Scalable eCommerce Experience with Shopify

Perfect for businesses of any size, Shopify is the standard-bearer when it comes to eCommerce solutions. For over a decade and a half, Shopify has been an industry leader at empowering “Mom and Pop Shops” as well as large multinationals with the tools that they need to drive online sales. In fact, Shopify’s user-friendly platform is so popular that over one million businesses use it for their eCommerce endeavors.

A rare example of “one size fits all” that can also be easily tailored, Shopify has a low barrier to entry and is perfect for businesses looking to scale.

Main Features of Shopify

Unmatched User-Friendliness

Shopify makes the process of setting up and managing your store easy. Whether you’re using its lauded drag-and-drop method to edit your store’s modules or monitoring how your storefront is performing with its visually-appealing dashboard, Shopify caters to users of all skill levels.

Excellent Product Management

In the past, user management was a rigorous, full-time job. With Shopify, however, this process has been automated. Shopify lets you easily track all of your items and its Point of Sale (POS) system is perfect for companies managing both online and offline inventory.

Reliable and Scalable

With Shopify, you are getting a phenomenal combination of reliability and scalability. Its globally-hosted servers can handle serious traffic, you can build clones of your store in a wide variety of languages for international sales, and its automated workflows and campaigns cut hours off of repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

What Can You Do With Shopify?

Simple, Limitless Customization

Tailor your store down to the finest details.

Simple, Limitless Customization

  • Editable style sheets, scripts, and product presentation
  • Modify cart functionality and checkout process

Cross-Channel Optimization

Feature your storefront on every channel imaginable.

Cross-Channel Optimization

  • Create Social Media and Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns while optimizing for organic search
  • Sell products in a variety of locations

In-Depth Customer Profiles

Learn about your customers to keep them coming back.

In-Depth Customer Profiles

  • Use customer accounts to view purchase history and habits
  • Re-target your best customers and drive future sales

Powerful Analytics

Analyze every aspect of your store and how it performs.

Powerful Analytics

  • Detailed reports let you chart sales, traffic, cart behavior, and more
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to measure store performance

Want to take your storefront to the next level with Shopify?