Role-Based Solutions

NetSuite has solutions for all the players in your company.


Being an Operations Manager, you need to be able to see key information about your company in real time as well as give your team tools to be able to manage manufacturing, inventory, shipping, warehouse management, fulfillment, sourcing and future planning.

NetSuite is one of the most dynamic and flexible systems that gives you insight into these areas and much more. The interaction of each of the applications allows you to have full control over your entire production process means that you can have peace of mind and focus efforts managing the business rather than the technology.


Beyond the core responsibilities of financial reporting, audit and compliance, planning, treasury, and capital structure, CFO’s are, increasingly, playing a more prominent role in corporate portfolio management and capital allocation.

NetSuite enables you to manage your core business processes with a single, fully integrated system while allowing flexibility in a changing business environment saving costs, managing risks, driving productivity and managing compliance—thus allowing you to grow your business.


Today’s CIOs have to be more versatile and more attuned to business strategy. They have to seek out innovative ways to leverage emerging technologies and business models in the value chain to improve business performance and stay competitive.

As an innovative CIO, you know that the debate around on-premise vs. cloud-based applications is over. NetSuite’s cloud based solution is delivered on a SaaS platform enabling you to take advantage of the latest technology, efficiencies and innovations, while saving time and money by shouldering the burden of maintenance and hosting—and ensuring seamless upgrades.


As Financial Controller, your challenges and opportunities are increasing. You’re also under pressure to be more strategic. Watch how NetSuite transforms your role, giving you real-time strategic visibility and keen insight into finance and operations with financials and data you can trust.