PacWest Bank on Oracle Cloud ERP

A Successful Oracle Cloud ERP Implementation by CTR and Oracle for PacWest

Teamwork was the name of the game for this collaborative Oracle Cloud ERP implementation. Partnering with Oracle and our client, Pacific Western Bank (PacWest), resulted in a successful implementation that solved three key objectives for PacWest:

  1. Role Based Security that complies with SOX requirements
  2. Seamless Integration with 3rd Party AP Imaging Application
  3. Seamless Integration with various Banking Applications

Getting to Cloud

PacWest had been on Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS) for Financials and Procurement since 2014. Although Cloud is the future and Oracle has committed all innovations and enhancements to it, PacWest still had a lot to consider before migrating. They are a tier 1 bank with $24 Billion in assets that operates throughout North America. Their system is integrated between several banking applications that is used by thousands of staff and relied on by millions of customers. Luckily for us, they did their homework and leveraged Oracle’s vast resources to make the decision in 2017 to migrate to Oracle Cloud ERP. PacWest engaged us to manage the migration from EBS to Cloud ERP because of our implementation expertise and strong relationship with Oracle.

Realizing Benefits

Together we achieved these key benefits:

  • Adoption of a simplified role based security
  • Integration with 3rd party AP Imaging Application to deliver a paperless Accounts Payable process
  • Integration between Banking Applications and Oracle Cloud ERP
  • Quick and accurate reporting through an on-premises reporting platform
  • Adoption of a system-wide approval methodology for all modules with email/mobile capabilities
  • Reduction of maintenance, resources, and operating IT costs as the result of scheduled patch installations every quarter, thanks Oracle!

Collaborating for Success

So how did we do it? Teamwork! Collaboration between Oracle, PacWest and us, CTR, led to achieving these benefits. In future posts we will share the technical details of how this was achieved. Here, we are focusing on what is arguably the most important factor in a successful implementation, teamwork between all parties. Anyone who has gone through an ERP implementation knows that without this, your project can be disastrous. Oracle’s commitment to customer service and support helped us when dealing with the complexities of this ERP migration. Most importantly, they helped us to maintain the utmost data integrity and ensured no system downtime. PacWest was a cooperative, engaged client who provided resources and insight crucial to a successful migration. They had well thought out objectives which were clearly conveyed to us and Oracle.

That’s not to say a migration of this magnitude wasn’t without its challenges. How could it not be? But with everything Oracle has put behind Cloud ERP issues were resolved in a timely manner. They provided support we needed to get PacWest an ERP system that fits their growing needs.