Managed Services

Getting the most from your ERP? CTR has 24/7 support—but let’s not start there.

Having worked with hundreds of clients, and in many industries, we understand that change is inevitable. Whether your company has grown and needs a system upgrade, or you’ve had turnover and need some updated training, or a hundred other reasons for a little extra support — we can help!

We work with you to determine how much or how little extra support you need to optimize your Oracle product!

We support the need.

For over 20 years we have provided Managed Services Support to enterprises.

We are global.

Round the clock support is available from our North America + India offices.

We are experts.

With CTR you have one partner you can trust to manage your applications, infrastructure, and network.

Pre-existing ERP?

An ERP is a great investment — when it’s providing value to your company.

We can look at your setup and help determine how to best utilize your system. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade, or even a new product. Maybe extra training is required. That’s what we can help you determine.

Need Application Support?

We support ERPs. Simple as that. Our experts are experts because they know both the application and the business. They are dedicated to specific modules and will provide the support you need related to that module, or the ERP as a whole. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies. We understand that technology is not stagnant. And neither is your company.

Our consultants provide full application support: design, setup, test, train and support the solution.

Need Remote Support?

We are available 24/7. Call us and see. We apply expert Functional and Technical Oracle knowledge to any issue that may arise—day or night.

Need Extra Training?

Our team of experts provide refresher courses, online help modules, remote or in-house training. We have dedicated experts who love ERPs and seeing them being used to their full potential.

DBA Support?

A full-time DBA Resource is something that your company might need. But what if it’s not? At a fraction of the cost, we provide Remote DBA Support to keep your Oracle products at their optimum. At CTR, all our Database Administrators are experts. Their knowledge is invaluable and whether hosted or on premise, they provide support to all aspects of the application and database.

Our Managed Services include application maintenance, backup administration, environment refresh schedules, and performance troubleshooting, which is backed by our understanding of the application and of your business. We offer 24/7 support and automated monitoring.

Ask our existing clients how we perform!