ERP Consulting

Don’t know which ERP tool is right for you? CTR can help determine the ERP solution that fits YOUR business AND saves you money!

We are not software resellers. We work for YOU and with YOU to implement the best technology for YOUR business.

20+ years consulting…

CTR has been implementing and supporting ERP Applications for over 20 years. Our Certified Consultants are both knowledgeable in the business and technically savvy. They marry their skills to determine your business needs, then propose the most suitable ERP tool for your success.

CTR’s ERP Consulting Services

Thinking of ERP?

We have FREE ERP Evaluations. When it’s time to implement a new ERP, we can evaluate your business and help determine which of our three ERP solutions are suitable.

Existing ERP?

When you have an ERP already in place, CTR can plan out your technology roadmap to bring the greatest improvement to your business.

Need application support?

Our certified consultants will support and troubleshoot your ERP instances and integrations. Our consultants are experts. They have worked in the business and they know the application. CTR has worked with hundreds of companies and knows that technology is not stagnant. And neither is your company.

Need extra resources?

Consider our Staff Augmentation solution. If you need resources during holidays or if you need additional resources during projects, CTR will provide expert consultants who can step into any situation.

The BEST Enterprise Resource Planning Tools

Oracle ERP Cloud

We implement ERP solutions for businesses that are ready to thrive in today’s digital economy. Oracle makes it possible to roll out an ERP system in months, rather than years

Oracle NetSuite

As the world’s most deployed ERP system, we offer highly customizable solutions to accelerate growth and drive innovation.

Oracle E-Business Suite

With hundreds of cross-industry capabilities, EBS is still the most comprehensive ERP solution.

Contact us and let us help you make a change.

You tell us your company’s pains and aspirations.

We propose proven solutions that can resolve the challenges and ultimately transform your business.

Together we determine the best tools for transforming your internal processes, positioning for major growth, or gaining a competitive edge.

We have a proven Unified Methodology for Implementations

CTR’s Unified Methodology consists of four parts:

  1. Discovery & Design
  2. Build
  3. Test & Train
  4. Go Live & Support

Through clear communication, we provide on-time and on-task deliverables.