Digital Transformations


We can help your company from A to Z. As your ERP is a core application in your portfolio, it usually connects to or impacts all of the areas of your business. Our resources can provide guidance or execute activities to enable your digital transformation.

Digital vs. Business Transformations: What’s the Difference?

There are two types of transformations that get talked about a lot these days: business transformation and digital transformation. At their core, both involve a massive shift in the way a business conducts itself, but they differ in how that shift occurs.

With a business transformation, you are changing the very core of your operations and how your business operates. This type of transformation focuses on the people in your organization and uses a new mindset to guide how your business conducts itself.

Digital transformations, on the other hand, use the implementation of digital tools and platforms to drive change in your organization. An example of a digital transformation would be upgrading the platform that manages your business (like an ERP application).

Although different, business and digital transformations are connected due to the fact that a digital transformation is often the tool that enables or enhances a business transformation.

Why Should You Undergo a Digital Transformation?

No matter the size of your organization, you can expect the following benefits from a digital transformation:

  • Enhanced customer experiences resulting in higher levels of engagement and retention
  • Improved company morale and talent acquisition due to better designed processes and effective thought leadership
  • Optimized technology and processes which lead to better budget management
  • Expedited scalability and effectivity through efficient use of digital technology
  • Maximized productivity, more effective decision making, and improved automation
  • Streamlined processes and optimized inventory flow resulting in higher ROI

How Can CTR Drive Your Transformation?


Need some assistance in deciding what to do next?


  • Roadmap development
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Business case development
  • ERP solution evaluation and selection
  • eCommerce solution evaluation and selection
  • Integration or Analytics solution evaluation and selection
  • Cloud platform selection guidance
  • Automation opportunity assessment


Know what you want to do but could use some guidance?


  • Governance model design
  • Operating model design
  • Portfolio and cost optimization
  • Business process optimization
  • Cloud services management hub establishment
  • ERP implementation, migration, or upgrade
  • eCommerce implementation, migration or upgrade
  • Integration or Analytics implementation, migration or upgrade


Already live and would like to do some fine tuning?


  • Audit assistance
  • Continuous improvement opportunity identification
  • Environment health checks
  • Change control process design
  • Support sized to fit needs
  • Future roadmap development
  • Environment management process establishment

Ready to begin your Digital Transformation?