Data Analytics

Every day you collect data that provides valuable insight into both your external customers and your own internal processes. Why not analyze this data to uncover insights and trends?

CTR can help you harness your data to identify more efficient ways of doing business, faster and better decision making, new opportunities, and higher profits.

Is growth your end goal?

You have data. Now the question is how to harness that data to extract value. CTR can capture, amalgamate, and develop data, providing you with a strategic advantage over your competitors. If you are interested in identifying and analyzing larger trends, capturing new information or reexamining existing data, we can help you.

Data Warehousing

We offer simple, powerful solutions for easy storage and reporting. After set-up, it’s easy to manage and query your data. Encryption options are built-in to the tool and your information is always backed-up. Best of all, this powerful solution is fully scalable, so you get high performance at any volume.

Our Data Warehouse Tools:

  • Provide greater executive insight into enterprise performance
  • Transform massive amounts of data being captured by a number of diverse sources into formats easy to understand
  • Power queries while your operational systems remain at peak performance
  • Import the data into a warehouse you can clean, format and validate
  • Make it easier to provide secure access to specific data for those with specific needs

Data Visualization

Learn how to get the most out of your data. We give you the tools to decode the trends and get the big picture.

Our Data Visualization Tools:

  •  Are Easy to use. No technical knowledge required to connect to data or to build dashboards and to then analyze them on the fly
  • Can be implemented how you like: on-premise, cloud, or hybrid
  • Integrate well with third-party Big Data platforms allowing you to leverage world class visualization with your Big Data solution
  • Allow you to access data through multiple platforms including mobile. You can distribute your data to your team through desktop, web browser, iPad, cell phone–however best suits your business
  • Are secure. Let your IT team manage data access while your users analyze and visualize.