CTR Smart Connect

What is Smart Connect?

CTR’s Smart Connect integrates NetSuite with banks and credit cards for capturing transactions. Using smart business rules based on spend categories, this creates credit card transactions that avoid making you do repetitive, manual download/uploads and other accounting efforts. This application is capable of connecting to 48,000 banks and financial institutions from around the world.

The application also provides more insights into spend analysis based on the expense categories, expense locations, and other data provided by service.


  • Manage corporate credit or p-cards
  • Automatically download transactions
  • User defined accounting rule engine
  • Built in dashboards, reports, and saved searches

Key Benefits

  • Automatic: No more having to download and upload credit card statements. Now, they sync directly from the credit card provider.
  • Saves time, reduces errors: No more communication with card holders and verifying expenses codes. Spend category and rules-based account mapping automatically creates credit card transactions.
  • Always available: Supports more than 48,000 banks and financial institutions
  • Secure: Service uses AES-256 keys to encrypt sensitive data

Smart Connect Flow