CTR Loan Tracker

What is Loan Tracker?

CTR Loan Tracker application provides a comprehensive loan management solution for auto-loan marketplaces and automates funding and payoff transactions within NetSuite.


  • REST API integration with loan origination applications (LOS)
  • Integrated with Netsuite ERP
  • Auto-create funding transactions from lenders
  • Auto-create payoff transactions of lienholders and add-on services transactions (such as warranty, GAP, etc.)
  • Built in dashboards, reports, and saved searches

Key Benefits

  • Integrated Solutions
      • Provides real-time integration with LOS
      • Can be integrated with third-party lender systems
      • Can be integrated with third-party payment systems
  • Streamlined Operations
      • Provides automated down payment and lender invoices
      • Provides automated lien holder, GAP, warranty, and other bills
      • Delivers real-time, event-based synchronization, which keeps LOS and NetSuite ERP updated
  • Eliminates manual errorsĀ by automating your entire process
  • Offers further customizability to support your complex business scenarios

    Loan Tracker Flow