CTR, Inc executes on ‘Best Upgrade Project Ever’ for Oracle’s eBusiness Suite.

One of CTR’s clients is a very large retailer. They operate a chain of retail stores, as well as a mail-order and e-commerce business. The company operates mostly in the US and has over 25,000 employees.

To support their complex requirements, this client has been using Oracle’s eBusiness Suite (EBS) for many years, leveraging a lot of its extensive functionality. They have many customizations to fit their unique needs and as a result any updates to their ERP are typically complicated and expensive.

Upgrade Required

Due to an aging ERP system the client was not getting the best support from Oracle, as well as being unable to take advantage of new offerings in EBS. There was also some risk that needed to be mitigated from being unable to take patches on a timely basis. A project plan was jointly developed and the team tackled the tasks. Late into the project the client asked if go live could be brought forward a month, something that is not usually possible with ERP projects. CTR reworked the plan and delivered within time constraints and under budget. Quote from the client: This is the best large scale IT project that I have participated in during my 20-year career.

Benefits Realized

Bringing the client to be code current to EBS release 12.2.10 enabled them to receive enhanced support from Oracle to 2030 as part of their Applications Unlimited program. The client is also now able to take advantage of the ability to manage patching online so that they can now take any and all updates and patches provided by Oracle, particularly those focused on security. Additionally, they can consider implementing new functionality or extensions with their now current version of EBS.

A Strong Long Term Support Partner

The client was not just looking for a traditional managed services partner, but rather one that could flex and adjust as their support and project needs change. What was also important was to work with a firm that was a true partner, focused on adoption and enablement of EBS.

Typical tasks include both functional and technical services such as reports, workflow and data base tuning. Support for processing errors such as data issues or answers to configuration questions is included along with proactive guidance, particularly for new features. Recently, CTR has been helping the client configure the new Enterprise Command Center (ECC) to enable their users to easily identify and act on top priorities.

There is support for existing integrations and workflows. Any required development for new requirements is covered and general knowledge and assistance with third-party products is provided.

Experience with CTR

The experience working with CTR for this client has been a positive one. They have found the CTR team to be organized, proactive and communicate in a regular and timely manner. Both companies enjoy the relationship and look forward to an ongoing partnership.

*CTR, Inc. is an Oracle partner established in 1998 serving both North America and global clients. We are an Oracle Platinum Cloud Select partner. Please visit our website (https://ctrworld.com) to learn more on how we helped other clients to better leverage their technology.

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