CTR Grow to Sell

What is Grow to Sell?

CTR Grow to Sell is a specialized application for NetSuite that tracks plant cultivation processes from their early life cycle until the final sale and end disposal.


  • Plant lifecycle stage configuration
  • Crop and plant creation process
  • Tracking and movement of plants
  • Crop split process
  • Mother plant creation and tracking
  • Harvest process
  • Batch creation and packaging
  • Crop and plant disposal
  • Built in dashboards, reports, and saved searches

Key Benefits

  • Track plant lifecycle:
    • Configure plant stage configuration
    • Create multiple crops with the click of a button
    • Move individual crops through their life stages using UI Pages or by using scan guns
    • Create a harvest batch for multiple crops with strain specific tracking
    • Disposal process available at both the plant and crop level
    • Waste tracking available by weight with waste reason and method
    • Track all the inventory movement, costing, and accounting by strain per crop
  • Harvest Process
    • Create harvest batch with multiple crops and track the batch for specific strains
    • Sub-item creation process supported for the Harvested main items
    • Individual dry and wet weight tracking per strain
    • Create strain specific finished goods for packaging
  • Tracking to Government sites
    • Provide each plant record to government sites through easy integration
    • Provide plant disposal reason and method to government sites
    • Provide the waste weight at each plant level
  • Eliminate manual errorsĀ by automating your entire plant creation, movement, harvest, packaging, and disposal
  • Customizable to support your complex business scenarios
  • Integrate with any scanning enabled software
  • Print plant tags with any of the barcode supported printers and software

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