CTR Continuum Billing

What is Continuum Billing?

CTR Continuum Billing application for NetSuite is a lightweight subscription management and billing tool which brings advanced features to your NetSuite.


  • Subscription management
  • Billing calendar
  • Usage based billing
  • Proration and adjustment calculation
  • Invoice and payment automation
  • NetSuite ARM integration
  • Built in dashboards, reports, and saved searches

Key Benefits

  • Streamline Recurring Billing Operations :
      • Bill on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
      • Creates billing calendar, which can be modified for specific billing dates
  • Manage Subscriptions
      • Capture Subscription details in one place
      • Store documents
      • Send renewal reminders
      • Automatic shut-off billing by date
      • Version-controlled in case of upgrade or downgrade
      • Auto-renewal feature available
  • Metered/Usage Billing
      • Can be integrated to 3rd party systems to integrate usage
      • Can calculates adjustment and create adjustment invoices
  • Eliminate manual errorsĀ by automating your entire subscription, shipping, invoicing, and payments
  • Remove developer dependenciesĀ by gaining complete control over your billing and invoicing logic
  • Customizable to support your complex business scenarios
  • Integrate with any website or webstore platform

    Continuum Billing Flow