Build a Cloud ERP Solutions for Today and the Future.

Currently most IT Service Providers recommend to their customers that they consider cloud products and cloud solutions to realize enormous benefits in future years. Cloud solutions offer

  • proven scalability and availability,
  • integrated governance and risk mitigation,
  • industry best-practices and features,
  • optimized performance , data security and
  • thirdparty integrations that harness benefits of the latest & futuristic technologies.

Additionally, two major benefits of cloud computing are reduced IT infrastructure costs (in terms of hardware) and augmented remote working and learning capabilities.

Considering the existing COVID-19 pandemic situation, organizations that were reluctant to invest in cloud solutions are struggling to operate effectively in the current market. Apart from facing key challenges to support existing InformationSystems, they are also facing operational challenges:

  • How to rapidly develop new products or features to meet new demand in the post COVID-19 world?
  • How to address sporadic supply-chain demand?
  • How to publish product real time inventory on customers’ portals in order to avoid backordering scenarios?
  • How to manage transportation of inbound and outbound product?
  • How to prioritize manufacturing of fast-moving items?
  • How to manage raw material requirements domestically and shipments from international vendors?
  • How cloud planning solutions will help organizations to address supply-chain challenges in order to build rapid short and long term solutions?

It is imperative that companies collaborate with their system and implementation partners to design the best response to the current and future business challenges.  Oracle Cloud ERP and Netsuite can be implemented to take advantage of the benefits of being a cloud solution to answer the questions being faced by businesses today.

With 20 years of experience in the IT technology field, we can offer solutions that geared to match your needs today and in the future.  For more information and guidance, please contact us at or 714.665.6507.