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Application outsourcing is the new trend for businesses who want to refine and revolutionize operations. Perhaps your business no longer has the internal expertise to manage some applications or you have a short term gap to be filled. CTR will provide ongoing support for a single application all the way up to your entire Enterprise application portfolio.

Our impact will not end simply with supporting your environments. With our experience working with many other businesses, we can help improve the effectiveness with which you use your applications. With innovative tools, methods and new ways of thinking, CTR can align these technologies to your specific needs. Through services like application development, maintenance, and modernization we can help revolutionize operations and leverage the full power of these next generation technologies to enhance your operations and sustain the value created.


Here is where CTR fits into supporting your applications

  • Application Maintenance. We can co-manage with your existing team or outsource this completely, minimizing your risk and maximizing flexibility.

  • Testing and Validation. Whenever customizing or upgrading we can provide additional resources so you can be assured your projects will be successful.

  • Solution Architecture. We can review your existing application footprint and how it aligns with your enterprise architecture, allowing us to make recommendations to how to improve, focusing on Quality of Service, scalability, performance and stability.

  • Application Modernization. Our experts will work with your business to identify business needs not currently being satisfied and determine if customization, configuration or a new approach is required.

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“We have worked with CTR on several projects over the past several years and have found them to be a very strong and valuable partner. …we have found them to be honest and straight forward with us, not sugar coating anything, but clearly identifying any issues or concerns, along with their proposed solution.”

Commercial Financial Institution SVP and CIO

Our commitment to excellence is an integral part of who we are as a Company.

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