Data Warehousing
Data Warehousing Simplified

In business, decision-making is driven by data. To store the information vital to tackling your challenges, Amazon Web Services offers a transformative warehousing technology known as Redshift. We can deploy a powerful and fully functional data warehouse at a fraction of the cost traditionally required to build and secure your own system.

Redshift seamlessly integrates with powerful business intelligence tools, like Tableau, Jaspersoft, Pentaho, Business Objects, and Cognos. After set-up, it’s easy to manage and query your data. Encryption options are built-in and your information is always backed-up. Best of all, this powerful solution is fully scalable, so you get high performance at any volume.


Why You Need a Data Warehouse

  • You want to provide greater executive insight into enterprise performance.

  • You have massive amounts of data being captured by a number of diverse sources. In order to make correct decisions based on this data you need to be able to transform it into formats easy to understand.

  • You want to limit the impact on transactional databases of regular, complex user database queries. Instead allow a data warehouse to power the queries while your operational systems remain at peak performance.

  • Your current data is difficult to analyze due to poor quality. Instead while you import the data into a warehouse you can clean, format and validate it to allow for ease of analysis, leading to self-service BI.

  • Data Security. Data warehouses make it easier to provide secure access to specific data for those with specific need and to exclude others.

  • You want to generate more revenue and save more money than your competitors.


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