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Are you looking for new ways to engage customers? Or do you want to simplify, renew, or strengthen existing technology? At CTR, we provide the ideas and innovation necessary to thrive in a digital landscape. From assessing the pros and cons of Tableau to examining individual case studies, our blog contains plenty of idea and advice about how we can help you operate better and stronger.

Big Data Insights with Tableau + Apache Spark – The Aadhaar Story

Click here for an interactive version of the visualization on Tableau Public CTR’s Big Data solutions help you analyze & visualize billions of records using Tableau & Apache Spark. Here...

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Better Your Business with Business Intelligence, Blog #1 in the Series

Below is the first in a series of blogs discussing Business Intelligence.  In this series, we will start with the topic in very general terms and progress to the specific advantages and disadvantages...

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awsBot : An AI Enabled Bot For The Cloud

We love bots and we sure do love building them. Today, we are excited to unveil our very first AI enabled Bot for the cloud, the awsBot. The bot plugs right into your current enterprise communication ...

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AWS Product Announcement

If you missed AWS re: Invent in December, you may not have heard about some of the new products Amazon Web Services has released. AWS OpsWorks AWS OpsWorks is a configuration management service th...

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